Importing Democracy

Other Books by Julie Fisher, Ph.D.

The Road from Rio: Sustainable Development and the Nongovernmental Movement in the Third World (Praeger: 1993).

Nongovernments: NGOs and the Political Development of the Third World (Kumarian: 1997). This book is also available for purchase from Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Newly Published

Political Corruption in Comparative Perspective: Sources, Status and Proscpects, by Charles Funderburk, (Ashgate Publishing, Surrey, UK, 2012).
Julie Fisher authored, "Chapter 9: Changing Political Culture by Combating Corruption: The Role of Democratization NGOs in South Africa, Argentina and Tajikistan," and co-authored "Conclusion: Comparative Corruption and the Challenge of Reform" with Charles Funderburk and Vaughn Shannon.

For additional publications, see Julie's resume.